Skills Unearthed - Art of the Blackdowns

Art Exhibition: 14 September – 6 October 2013
Venue: Cotley Tithe Barn, Cotley, Nr Chard, Somerset

Skills Unearthed: Art of the Blackdowns brings together a collection of artworks that meditate on the importance for artists to make work that is connected to their locale. Housed within the Tithe Barn Cotley, and incorporating works by renowned and emerging artists the exhibition brings together the best critical work from artists associated with Blackdown Hills Artists and Makers.

Reflecting the unique surroundings, heritage and landscape of the Blackdown Hills the works on show each examine a different facet of the social, physical and culturally unique environment. Carly Batchelor’s moving portraits of veteran airmen taken at their homes in the USA is offset by Jon England’s exquisite Iodine paintings drawn from the experiences of the same group of men. . Louise Cottey uncovers lost industrial heritage by remaking ancient woollen cloth. Tim Martin investigates a transect line across the hills, walked and recorded at fifty points.Sarah Hitchens intimate ceramic work Blackdown Vessels charts the rural, cultural identity through the makers and producers who operate within the area. Gillian Widden’s fascinating large sculpture created using charred hazel poles and Dipsacus fullonum teasels dyed black, is inspired by past agriculture. As is Bryony Tidball’s sculpture, which provides a subversive twist on the traditional representation of the corn dolly. Andre Wallace’s new sculpture explores religious imagery and environments found in the Blackdown Hills.

The venue for the exhibition is the ancient Tithe Barn, Cotley, nr Chard, TA20 3EP. Located a mile or so south west of Chard, down single-track roads, it is a gem of an exhibition space for those who can find it.

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Tim Martin, Slice of the Blackdowns: Geology/Place
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