Liz Gregory

Liz Gregory is a painter and printmaker who lives and works in the Blackdown Hills. She uses bold colours, experiments with materials and is always looking for new ways to make marks and extend the ways she paints.

Some of her current work is pictured here, showing images produced for the Skills Unearthed Project in 2012 which looked at farm machinery. “I love the battered old tractors and rusty bits of machinery that you see scattered all over the Blackdowns. I wanted to find out more about what these often strange looking objects were used for, what they were called and what is happening to them as new, bigger machinery starts to take their place”.

Pictured also are images of prints from Border, a group[ project, which took place in 2009. Liz walked 12 miles along the Devon/Somerset border on the Blackdowns, drawing what she saw in charcoal on a continuous scroll of paper. The result was a 100 foot drawing depicting her journey. The prints shown are from sections of this drawing.

The Forgotten series of prints were produced for Sheds, a group exhibition for SAW 2011, which had contributions from 18 BHaam members. “I became fascinated by what people left in sheds and what items lay forgotten, sometimes for decades, awakening memories when stumbled upon. I wanted to turn them into something worthy of another look”.

“The continual development of my work is very important to me, so collaborating with other artists, making time to visit exhibitions and having the freedom to experiment are all an essential part of my practice”.

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