Gordon Field

My work as an artist is about our reconnection with the natural world. Concerned that we becoming more and more alienated from the real world my practice is about highlighting the environments around us.
I immerse myself within landscapes,
becoming attuned to all the minutia and nuances, becoming part of them. I present these experiences and explorations through artworks, artist walks and installations.

For the Skills Unearthed project I explored my local landscape using my skills as a dowser.
Dowsing is an ancient art and skill. As well as working with trees exploring their natural energies and well-being I explored the journeys creatures make through the landscape. I discovered the old and current trails of badgers, voles, bumble and social bees. These were the only creatures, apart from slow-worms, that leave energy lines through the landscape.
To present these journeys I created artworks and an installation that mapped out these routes across our small orchard.


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