Bronwen Gundry

I am primarily a painter but my work also involves print making and more recently working on canvases which are then placed into the landscape. I think of these works as a 'conversation with nature'. These canvases are intitially worked on, influenced by the site, before being placed within the landscape for a period of time to allow flora and fauna and the efffects of natural elements to become part of the artwork. I then bring them back into the studio to produce finished works.

My paintings often contain ambiguous forms set within a colourfield. I usually work in oils and these forms often refer to archetypal, calligraphic or organic influences. My method of painting relies heavily on continuous revisions, corrections and reoganisations of line, colour and form until I feel a depth and dialogue has been reached and the painting has its own identity.

My monprints are often suggestive of museum artefacts or organic matter but unlike the processes used in my paintings, are decisive one-offs.

Brown trout circles/red spots
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